International Conference on Innovative Teaching and Technology in Higher Education

The aim of the conference is to create awareness of innovative teaching methods and the use of instructional technologies in higher education by sharing with academics and other stakeholders of ideas about their efficient use and impact on teaching. Today, instructional technologies allow learning to be individualized and learners are enabled to learn at their own pace and in line with their abilities. Thanks to new technologies today’s students and instructors spend less time to achieve their target learning goals. Instructors can communicate with the new generation of students more effectively using innovative teaching techniques, making the learning experience more interactive and effective.

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Objective and Themes

– To create awareness of innovative teaching and learning technologies,

– To share ideas about innovative teaching methods and the use of instructional technologies,

– To discuss the effect of innovative teaching and technology usage on the quality standards of higher education institutions.

Who should attend?

– Academics and practitioners,

– Managers/Executives of higher education institutions,

– Instructional technology specialists.


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